Last half of Chicago

Day 3 – The third day “in” Chicago was spent exploring and photographing Woodstock, Tyson’s town.  It is what they call an “Exurb,” just outside of being a suburb but close enough to commute if you need to.  Woodstock was also the town where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed.  Food list:

Starbucks: Yea, it’s the best thing there, I had a capp.

La Petite Creperie: A crepe and coffee, it wasn’t bad.  They occasionally have live jazz in their up-stairs dining room.

Day 4 – Finally met Naomi and had a tough time with the whole “I’m a friend of a friend of yours from school that you haven’t spoken to since then and I don’t know his last name.”  I still had a great conversation with her.  The afternoon was then spent wandering the Art Institute of Chicago’s museum.  Later, I went to see the Chicago Symphonietta, a branch of the symphony designed to great more opportunities for minority performers.  This was their Martin Luther King Jr. Day performance, and the final season for the conductor.  Because of the encores, the performance ran a bit late, leaving me not wanting to run for the train.  So, I went back to the hostel by Cafe Cito and got a bed for the night.  Food list:

Intelligentsia: Macchiato, and tasty drip.

Café Cito: Cubano sandwhich, very tasty.

Exechequer: Salad and beer before the symphony, it wasn’t bad.

Day 5 – Ventured up north to the Lincolnwood district.  Great coffee at Metropolis, toured the neighborhoods taking photos and visited their roasting facility.  Sadly, by the end I discovered, my film was loaded wrong and not a single picture was actually taken.  I have just a few from a second roll at Metropolis.  Food list:

Intelligentsia: Macchiato.

Einstein Bagels: Yeah, a bagel, it sounded good.

I honestly forget what I had for dinner.

Day 6 – Slept in, hung out, stayed warm, felt like I was getting a cold.  This proved true.  Food list:

Cereal and coffee.

Pirro’s: Ordered a great deep dish pizza, I’d say it was better than the Lou Malnati’s.

Travel day to Columbus

Flew to Columbus.  Thanks Tyson for driving me into the airport, that made things much less complicated.  Aaren’s folks picked me up from the airport, which saved a bunch of time and I think gave them a chance to get to know the “random guy” that would be staying with her.  Once Aaren got home from work we went out to eat at The Pub at the nearby mall, it felt like a McMennimen’s.  Food list:

A smoothie from some smoothie stand at O’Hare.

Jimmy John’s: Sandwich with ham, avocado, sprouts, and some other stuff.

The Pub: Bangers and Mash, and an ok stout.  It taste mostly like Guinness, pretty watery tasting.

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