More than cows and corn

Columbus, Ohio

Day 1 – Aaren had taken the Friday off so we would have more time to hang-out, which was wonderful since I don’t know how else I would have gotten around the city without renting a car.  We went to Stauf’s Coffee in the Grandview Heights area.  The coffee was not great, from a spoiled Portlander point of view, but we learned that one of their roasters works in the shop on Saturdays.  From there we went to the Columbus Museum of Art.

Followed by lunch at the North Market in downtown Columbus, we got chocolates for later and found a beer I thought she would like.  That night we went to Villa Nova, an “Italian” restaurant which Aaren and her mom always see packed and have been wanting to try out.  There was a 30 minute wait, which for a Friday night didn’t seem too bad, so we went to the bar to wait.  When asking what porters or stouts the bar had, their reply was that “We don’t have any imports.”  Not quite what I meant.  Aaren’s Midori sour was also questionable.  Once we finally got a seat and ordered pizza, boy were we unhappy.  It was quite possibly the worst either of us ever had, we managed to choke down about ¼ of it, before asking for a box and getting out.

Day 2 – Started early at Stauf’s and a wonderful talk with Tom Griesemer which lasted almost two hours.  I’m sure Aaren was bored to tears with us geeking out on coffee.  From there we stopped for lunch, then made the trek to the Short North.  The Short North is near OSU, and her work, it is very much a hipster part of town with a lot of antique stores and vintage closing.  We did stumble upon one coffee roaster by the name of Imperio.  They roast a few miles across the city, and did a very nice job with a Columbian pour-over I had.  We browsed three or four art galleries and a couple vintage shops before deciding it was too cold to continue.  Being the afternoon, we checked in on the film which had not been developed yet, then just hungout until dinner when we went to The Elevator.  Which, had some amazing beers, including a bourbon barrel aged porter that made the meal.  After the sampler and a pint, I was doing pretty well.

Day 3 – After a late “breakfast,” starting late partially due to the fact we were up so early the day before, we went to Aaren’s favorite park for photographic fun.  Have I mentioned that Aaren was letting me play with her slick camera?  It’s a film SLR she got a few years ago, the photos with it came out great!

Day 4 – On Monday, Aaren had to work, so I spent the morning sleeping in and packing.  Once she was done with work we finally fetched my photos, and hunted for a souvenir for me to take from Ohio.  Not what we originally were looking for, Aaren came up with a fantastic little thing for me to take.  We also went to see the corn, the giant corn.  That night we had some much better pizza and hung-out watching a movie, since the next morning would be very early with my flight at 6:00am.

Travel day to New Orleans

Up at 4:30am to give Aaren time to get ready for work, we stumbled our way to the airport, made our goodbyes and off I went to Chicago, and then to New Orleans.  My flight finally landed after 10:00am in NOLA, and was to the hostel and checked in by Noon.  After a short rest, I ventured out to Magazine street touring antique shops, and getting food.

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