Water Avenue Open Sundays

Being the first time that Water Avenue Coffee Company is open on a Sunday, I just had to swing by.  To set the tone, it’s a cloudy and somewhat rainy day.  As I drove past the shop looking for a parking space, I saw Billy standing outside, so after parking I went to say “Hi,” before heading inside.  After chatting a moment he informed me they were about to get a cupping started, being a coffee geek I of course jumped at the chance.


Following Billy into the shop, I was greeted by Marjake (I’m sure I slaughtered the spelling but it’s pronounced close to Mar-shake-ah), and ordered a macchiato while I waited for the cupping.  It wasn’t long till I realized the cupping was literally a minute away, so I put a hold on the macchiato until later.  Brandon, one of Water Ave’s roasters was running the cupping of two different roasts of each a Columbia and El Salvador.  Water already being poured, we jumped right into it.


The Columbia was smooth and buttery with a bit of sugar and slight acidic bite.  The first of the two taste of Rolos candy and home fries, while the second was similar with a more buttery mouth feel and less acidity.  Both roasts were quite good, and would have made a tasty morning cup, but to me it was mostly a matter of preference.  Talk of a strange bag of green left Brandon wanting to test some more before making conclusions.


Moving on to the El Salvador, with chatter about barbeque sauce, turkey, and molasses on the nose we finally wet those grounds.  Once the grounds were wet, baked beans was added to the list of aromas.  Finally getting to the taste, both roasts were surprisingly light on the tongue, with an air of brightness no one could quite put their finger on.  That acidity lingered well through each taste in the first roast, compared to the second, but neither was so strong as to call out specific notes.  The second roast did have a slight tomato quality, contributing to the barbeque sauce comments earlier.


During my time there , there were as many customers as sun breaks.  Not too surprising considering  it was their first Sunday open.  It will take a while for people to learn their new hours, then it’ll be hopping for sure.  I’ll apologize too for the lack of photos for this post.  Between the clouds, and a burnt out lamp above the cupping table, there wasn’t enough light for quality photos with the film I had on hand.

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