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Thanks – Barista

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Thanks Peter for recommending the Stumptown capp, it was the best I’ve had since France!  And thanks Christine or Billy, whoever made it.  Beautiful.

Barista Exchange

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Love coffee as much as I do?  Check out the Barista Exchange!  It’s a great new social networking site for baristas, those in the industry, and those that love the bean.  I’m there, are you?

Barista – Portland brewpub and coffee shop

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

In Portland, a simple black-and-white sign hangs from the side of a building at 13th and Hoyt. Inside are a few stout wooden tables, stools, and laboratory beakers bubbling away. In those beakers, delicious coffee brews using light, vacuums, and funnels to siphon the liquid gold through a fine cloth filter. The sign above the door reads simply, Barista.

The first thing one notices is of course the vacuum pots, a set of three beakers with funnels to top them off. Halogen lamps heat the water in the base to a boil, once sealed then water then is forced up the funnel. With water holding at the perfect brewing temperature, coffee is added and stirred to ensure perfectly even brewing. When taken off the heat, the brewed coffee is pulled through the cloth filter into the base. What is served can best be described as a clean, tea like, cup of coffee.  In all my years of loving coffee, and even being a barista myself, I have never seen coffee made this way, it’s fascinating.

The perfection doesn’t end with the vacuum pots, it continues even down to the “regular brewed coffee” in the air pot. It is not your “regular” coffee by any means, it is French pressed, all of it. The mochas? They’re made with real chocolate melted on the spot right before adding it to your drink, not some syrup from a pump.

Who would be so crazy as to open such a shop? Why, Billy of course! A two time winner of the NW regional barista championships, Billy Wilson’s Barista offers a variety of coffees from multiple roasters. Of those of Billy’s crew that I’ve met, Peter, Christine, and one other guy whose name I forget (Sorry!), they’re all great.  They love their coffee, know it very well, and are a pleasure to chat with.

From my experience, and seeing others come and go, everyone has a great time. It’s a fantastic neighborhood coffee shop! This is the type of coffee experience that I love, baristas that know and love their coffee, are happy to talk with you, and where you feel comfortable just sitting and playing Scrabble or reading (you have to bring your own board or book).

If you’re ever in the area or want to make an outing of it, be sure to stop by Barista at least once during your Portland life. Just don’t ask for a Grande Frappucino.

What I’ve had there – All of them were fantastic

The Beloya in a vac pot

Straight up French press

Stumptown Capp