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Another Stumptown Coffee

Monday, June 8th, 2009

I am getting close to finishing a bag of Columbia El Jordan. It was recommended to me as a very good French-press coffee. It is definitely a good coffee, very low on the acid, a mild flavor that lingers for a while. But I have had a troublesome time getting the brew right. Adjusting the temperature of the water, the steeping time, and the ground size, I have yet to get a cup that is just right. It is always a little sour or bitter or did not have full extraction.

Despite my troubles, it is a great morning coffee in my book. The low acidity makes it easy on the stomach, so is good if you have not eaten much. If you don’t care what I have to say about it, here is what they say it tastes like:

“Warm aromatics of nutmeg and cinnamon segue into mouth-watering flavors of satsuma orange and ripe blackberry which finish with notes of honey and brown sugar.”

Next I’ll be on to the Sumatra Gayo Mountain, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anna Bannana’s – Review

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Anna Bannana’s (that’s with 3 n’s) is @ 21st between Northrup and Overton

The music is chill’n jazzy stuff, NOT lite jazz, good for an evening writing blogs :) I asked Ian to make me his best drink, which turned out to be a latte with a nice fern/feather/”!”. It was yummy, well done. To get the espresso just right Ian took 3 tries. That’s 3 pulls, not making the whole drink, and 1 was after I mentioned I was going to write this blog. Getting it just right is important, so I commend you sir.

Anna Bannana's front yard

Anna Bannana's front yard

The place is nice and cozy. Anna Bannana’s is in a converted old house so the rooms have a lot of character. The front room has a few tables and a view out to the porch and street. There is a darker, more quiet, room toward the back with some big nice tables. In the basement are some great couches and chairs, it’s a little tight, feels like someone’s basement in their home. Keep in mind that the furnishings are 2nd hand tables, chairs, and couches, and all well used. If you’re into hip shiny new places go elsewhere. If you want someplace that feels like your living room, go here.

This is a very friendly, neighborhood café. During my time there, many friends came through (not mine, they knew each other) or at least a lot of talkative and friendly people.

It’s a great place to go chill for a while or meet your neighbors if you live in the area. Check it out, I’m for sure going back.

El Grito Del Bronx

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Drama @ Milagro Theater, Miracle Theater Group – Portland, Oregon

Want a cheery tale about a young woman overcoming adversity to achieve all her dreams? Then go elsewhere. El Grito Del Bronx is a drama laden with emotional baggage, and insights into the twisted mind.  The play portrays Lulu, a young woman, and her brother’s life having grown up with an abusive father. She does alright, has a relatively happy ending for herself. The route there is not happy however, an abusive father, her brother… let’s say he gets into trouble. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the troubles of their lives, their mother visits her son brother often and relies on religion. Lulu on the other hand tries to ignore the past and prevent the dark miasma inside her from affecting those she loves.

The characters memories come and go. The mental effects of prison are made very clear. Both the victim and attacker have the chance to explain themselves. We all learn that death is needed for life to continue.

Not the type of play to see for a night of entertainment, though it does have moments where a chuckle is called for and necessary. At other times, you would be horribly embarrassed to break the silence even by a shift in your seat.

For more about the play’s fascinating director Antonio Sonera check out Ryan Fish TV.

The awesome cast and great writing made it well worth the evening spent. If you’re interested in seeing it you only have till April 25th, 2009. Tickets are $14.

If it were coffee

It would be a very dark, bold, roast. Straight black for sure, not from a French press, but brewed from an old rickety 1970’s coffee maker. A deliciously fine coffee made rough.